Fun, Modern Nails At Home

Nail Swag is delivering fun, modern nails with our new at-home kits. 

Celebrity Nail Artist Natalie Minerva has discovered Kotta Gel, a superior nail gel formula, and combined it with easy-to-use nail art to help you unleash your creativity. Each kit is delivered with a FREE LED lamp and simple video instructions to help you up your nail game in no time.

Now you can have salon-quality nails and save up to 90% on each manicure!

Kotta Gel Is Better Gel

  • Lasts Up To 2-3 weeks

  • Free of 9 Common Toxic Ingredients

  • Applies & Removes Easily

  • No odor

  • Vegan | No Animal Testing

  • Super Glossy Finish

  • Perfect For Nail Art

Kotta Gel is exclusively available from Nail Swag.

Amazing Results

A Great Manicure. Delivered.


Less than $8 Per Manicure With the Full Swag Kit

Customer Reviews

"This kit is amazing with the variety of designs and color. I can't wait to try my next design!"

- Scarlett, 29

"I've always wanted an at-home nail art kit that actually works, can't believe it finally exists! I'm obsessed with thinking up new designs and bringing them to life. The design possibilities are endless, and they're all so easy to create. I've never been good at doing my own nails, but the Nail Swag kit lets me be the nail artist I always wanted to be. Now my nails are compliment-worthy without ever having to step foot in a salon. :D 

In loooveee."

- Zara, 27

"Great product! My 13 year old daughter loves to pamper me and herself with a Nail Swag manicure!"

- Heather, 35

I've always hated doing my own nails because it never last even a day and it was messy.  I've done acrylics and press on nails for 20+ years but I was tired of having long nails and they ruined my nails.  Also gel nails at the salons always seemed costly.   So I decided to try nail swag an at home gel nail kit and this is the 2nd time I've used it and LOVE it.  It came off easily and the application is nearly mistake proof, even for me.   They have different size kits with different colors and comes with everything you need, even a led lamp.   I'm excited to try all the colors and artwork. Thank you Nail Swag!!

- Heidi, 43

Customer Pictures

"Make your digits salon-fabulous for a fraction of the cost."


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Easy, Modern Nail Art

Amazing Nail Designs

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