About Nail Swag

Nail Swag delivers fun, modern nails at home and at our Downtown LA salon.

The Nail Swag Kit features unlimited nail design options by combining more color choices and nail art than anything available in stores today. Each kit is designed by award-winning celebrity nail artist Natalie Minerva, who chooses the themes and contents based on things that inspire her in everyday life as well as fashion and art. 

From a day at the office to a night out with friends, Nail Swag is out to help you create manicures and pedicures that compliment your personal style. The colors and design look books are created to compliment a full range of skin undertones and nail shapes. The nail art supplies included in the kit are beginner-friendly and expert-endorsed. Nail Swag is headquartered in Venice, CA with its flagship Design Lab located in the heart of Downtown LA.

About Natalie

Natalie Minerva is a California native living in Los Angeles. Nail art started out as a hobby for Natalie, who loved trying to master the tedious but intricate details of nail designs. They weren't always perfect but she was compelled to keep trying. Eventually her hands steadied, her lines straightened, and Nail Swag was born. Over the years, Natalie has had the opportunity to work on editorials and music videos for celebrities from all over the world.

Her Nail Swag Design Lab in Downtown LA is regularly featured in television, print, and digital publications, and won LA WEEKLY's "Best of 2016" in the Best Nail Art Salon category.

Her global social media following inspired her to create a personal nail experience unlike any other with her exclusive collection of nail gel and art supplies in the Nail Swag Kit.

About Kotta Gel

The Nail Swag Kit exclusively introduces Kotta Gel, a highly-pigmented, odor-free formula with a buttery smooth feel. The 'brush and pot' method of nail painting was one of Natalie's biggest discoveries, and is being introduced to her fans all over the country with Nail Swag's Kotta Gel.

This method allows for better control and easier application. You'll spend less time stressing out over perfection and more time dreaming up awesome nails.

The porous surface allows your nails to breathe, and serves as an ideal canvas for all kinds of nail art products. As an authentic nail gel, it won't break or chip, and can stay on for up to four weeks.

The Kotta Gel formulas are 9-Free, meaning they do not contain nine toxic ingredients found in some nail polishes and are known to cause health problems. Kotta Gels are also cruelty-free, having no animal testing performed during formulation.

Kotta Gel removes with ease. No filing required. It's a fun to use and long lasting nail gel that will help you become your own new favorite nail artist. 


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