Nail Swag At-Home Gel Manicures Kotta Gel DIY Nails
Nail Swag At-Home Gel Manicures Kotta Gel DIY Nails

Nail Swag

Nail Swag Intro Kit

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Give Nail Swag a try with a single color Intro Kit.

This kit features the essential products you need to start learning how to apply salon-quality gel nails at home.

Kotta Color Gel - In the summer color of your choice, this a highly-pigmented, order-free, gel formula with a buttery smooth feel. 9-Free and Cruelty-Free.

Kotta Base Gel - A self-leveling clear gel that creates an even canvas and protects the natural nail.

Kotta Top Gel - A clear gel used to seal and protect your finished manicure. Glossy finish.

Kotta Gel Brush - A short-bristle, rounded gel brush that supports precise control and even coverage.

Kotta Gel Clean Up Brush - For a lift-free mani, use this brush to clean up any excess gel around your nails before curing.

9-Watt LED Lamp - A sleek, compact lamp with three timed settings to make curing as simple as possible.

Professional-Grade Prep and Removal Kit - Salon-quality tools to help you prep your nails and remove your manicure.