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Nail Swag

Professional-Grade Gel Application and Removal Tools

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Our exclusive collection of professional-grade tools that help your mani look perfect every time.

99% Isopropyl AlcoholHelps dehydrate the nail bed before application and removes excess gel during clean-up

Lint-Free Wipes - Soft, non-woven fabric that is non-cotton and truly lint-free

Buffer - A micro-white mini sanding buffer to prep your nail before gel application

File - 180/180 grit file with a sponge center that's perfect for any shape

Birchwood Stick - Used to lightly push back your cuticles during prep

100% Pure AcetoneNo additives, fragrance, or other chemicals for faster removal


99% Isopropyl Alcohol - Isopropyl Alcohol

100% Pure Acetone - Acetone